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Exo-Space Subcontracted by Xiomas Technologies for NASA Thermal Mapping Award

November 1, 2022

Exo-Space, Inc. has been subcontracted by Xiomas Technologies as part of a NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Sequential Phase II program. Exo-Space will be developing an onboard data processing unit and machine learning algorithm to support real-time wildfire detection. 


Exo-Space’s processing unit will be part of Xiomas’ Thermal Mapping and Measurement System (TMMS). TMMS is a small, high performance, inexpensive, multi-band thermal infrared camera system, suitable for deployment in a variety of observational platforms like UAVs or on small satellites to enable active fire front detection and enhanced wildfire studies. The NASA award effort will culminate in multiple high altitude flights and a ready to fly TMMS for use on a Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellite. 


Satellite and airborne thermal imagers are routinely used to monitor active wildfires as they provide critically important information needed to protect lives and property.  These sensors typically fly over an active fire and are used by wildland firefighters to position resources and plan fire suppression activities. The high temporal resolution of TMMS provides a novel new set of invaluable information for managing wildfire and its effects.  The revisit time of TMMS will allow fire managers and modelers to directly measure fire spread rates, fire energy, and to more rapidly detect new spot fires.  This has the potential to greatly improve fire behavior forecasts which would in turn help protect firefighters and threatened communities. 

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