Open Source Files

Navigating the industry is extremely difficult leaving a roadblock for new users. We set out to make a CubeSat that is faster, better, and cheaper than what the current market offers. We made our design open source because we felt this was the fastest way to improve the industry.

1U Base CubeSat Assembly.png

Base CubeSat Assembly

The Exo-Space Base CubeSat Assembly utilizes a slotted design which makes integration and testing easier than ever. 


The CubeSat is able to house 6 electronic boards and is compatible with the PC-104 standard and the new PAL standard (developed by Exo-Space).

The Bus Connector Card eliminates the need for PC-104 headers, and allows electronic boards to function independently of each other.

1U BCC Zoom Out.png

Exo-Space Bus Connector Card

1U CubeSat Structure.png

CubeSat Structure

The Exo-Space structure consists of 6 separate pieces fastened together to form a modular structure.

This design minimizes the amount of hardware needed to assemble a CubeSat. In fact, we reduced the amount of hardware needed by a factor of 10.