Flexible machine vision software for on-orbit image processing

FeatherWare is machine vision software made for Earth Observation systems. The software hosts custom-trained image classification and object detection algorithms, enabling complex image analysis on-orbit. Combined with the FeatherBox, it provides a complete A.I. payload for image processing. 

Standard Models
Pre-trained on Earth Observation datasets
Detect whether clouds are present in photos and adjust compression
Track incoming satellites during docking sequence
Track vehicles, cars, ships etc. and extrapolate their velocity
Custom Model

If you're looking for a unique solution for your satellite mission, we'll work with you to create a custom-trained model.


Whether it's high altitude balloons, satellites, or anything in between we can quickly create a highly accurate machine vision model for your platform.

Unlock the potential of A.I. for Earth Observation missions


Superior Performance

Models can run inferences on satellite images in ~3 milliseconds with 96% accuracy. 

The on-board machine vision models are capable of being configured and updated in orbit to meet the changing mission needs of any customer.

Mission Flexibility

Reduce Cost

Send only relevant information to the ground, reducing bandwidth and providing low-latency insight.