Data processing unit for complex image analysis on-orbit

FeatherBox is a compact data processing unit for artificial intelligence applications on-orbit. It's small size (0.5U) makes it compatible with most cubesat platforms. The electronic board is equipped with a machine vision-specific processor optimized for the FeatherWare machine vision models. If more processing is required, the system can scale by pipelining models across multiple processors. Combined with FeatherWare, it provides a complete A.I. payload for on-orbit image processing. 

Dimensions: 96 mm x 96 mm x 50 mm

Mass: 1.4 kg

Power: 9 W (typ), 15 W max


Unlock the potential of A.I. for Earth Observation missions


Compact and Powerful

Powerful (4 TOPS) machine vision processor inside a compact 0.5U enclosure. 

Custom structural shielding, and error detection and correction codes (EDAC) to protect against the effects of space radiation. 

Mission Safety

Single communication and power line connector for easy plug-and-play integration.

Plug and Play