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Exo-Space Showcases Technology During Live Demo

December 16, 2020

Arkisys showcased Exo-Space's technology in a live demonstration intended to amplify the unique technology we bring to satellite operators in December 2020. To validate our technology in space, Arkisys plans to host it on their on orbit commercial platform called The Port in 2022.


Similar to what the SpaceX Dragon Capsule uses when autonomously docking to the International Space Station (ISS), our product provides flight safety for any two satellites that might need to:

  1. rendezvous and dock (e.g. MEV-1 mission),

  2. perform on-orbit inspection missions (e.g. Restore-L mission),

  3. remove orbital debris (e.g. ClearSpace-1 mission).

Arkisys Demo.jpeg
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