1U CubeSat Platform

Starting at

$20,000 USD


Our Aleph0 CubeSat platform is the most affordable product of its kind on the market. We revolutionized the CubeSat design, making integration and testing easier than ever. Assembly can be done in under 30 minutes by a single person. With 92 mm x 84 mm x 33 mm of volume for your payload, this model is perfect for scientific research and qualifying space hardware.

  • 1x 1U Structure
  • 1x Motherboard
  • 1x Solar Panel Board
  • 1x Power Board
  • 1x Beacon
  • 1x Antenna
  • 4x Solar Panels X/Y
  • 2x Solar Panels Z
  • 1x RBF Pin
  • 1x Separation Switch
Technical Specifications
  • Available Payload volume: 92 x 84 x 33 mm
  • Full assembly in under 30 minutes
  • Mission Life: 1 - 5 years
  • Max Available Mass: 600 g
Price: $20,000 USD