Edge computing satellites continuously monitor the health and status of satellite constellations, giving predictive information to operators. Using edge computing for predictive maintenance in space offloads complex data analytics to inform customers about satellite components before failure. 


Earth observation constellations are limited by frequency and the amount of time over terrestrial ground stations. Edge computing satellite can pre-process images before they reach the ground, which reduces the cost per pixel. 


The current on-board and processing capability of IoT constellations limits the data rate significantly. An edge computing satellite would allow the data generated to be used more effectively. An edge computing satellite can provide real-time tracking of work site safety, activity monitoring to increase human productivity, tracking equipment condition, and smart meters to prevent theft and reduce expenditures with utility meter reading.

Remote Operations

Users that are stationed away from home bases and data centers can still perform data analytics in real time using edge computing satellites.  This technology is particularly useful for project critical data processing where low latency and global coverage are important in making key decisions.