Edge Satellites continuously monitor the performance and condition of satellites, offloading complex data analytics and empowering customers to take proactive action. Operators are notified about potential part failures before they occur, minimizing downtime.    


Earth observation constellations are limited by frequency and the amount of time over terrestrial ground stations. Edge Satellites reduce the cost-per-pixel by processing images on-orbit and providing insight for feature extraction, terrain/surface modelling, land cover and change detection. 


The current on-board and processing capability of IoT constellations limits the data rate significantly. Edge Satellites decrease network load and provide low-latency actionable insights even in extremely remote locations. An Edge Satellite can provide real-time tracking of work site safety, activity monitoring to increase human productivity, tracking equipment condition, and smart meters to prevent theft and reduce expenditures with utility meter reading.

Secure Processing

For more sensitive data needs, information is processed and relayed through direct private networks, bypassing the need to send data over the internet.