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Who We Are


Leveraging our expertise in A.I., machine vision, and satellite design our mission is to offer an edge software and hardware package that can withstand the harsh environment of space. These edge devices will provide data processing services for space applications, and create services that would never have been possible.


Our vision is to lead the effort in building a data processing infrastructure in space. Exo-Space is committed to breaking down the barriers of entry for industries and enthusiasts who could benefit from satellite technology. Navigating the industry is extremely difficult leaving a roadblock for new users. We set out to make on-orbit computation orders of magnitude faster than what the current market offers. 


Jeremy Allam

Co-Founder & CEO

Marcel Lariviere

Co-Founder & Lead Mechanical Engineer

Mark Lorden

Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Tate Schaar

Chief Technology Officer

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